English Tutoring

I don't claim to have perfect English grammar or a completely encyclopedic grasp of the English language. What I do have is a lot of experience working with people from all over the world helping them write and speak more like an American English speaker. When I worked at Siemens I started helping the mostly Germans I worked with understand how to properly use American slang words and when and where they were appropriate. Since that time, I have continued doing this kind of work for free. I spend time reviewing written work mostly and add LOTS of comments about what things may be technically correct, but not how a native speaker would say it. I also work in person reviewing documents or other things. I have been known to generate more comments than the original written paper pointing out inconsistencies in how things are said or suggesting better ways to write more like a native speaker. I also have a tendency to add my own domain experiences, if I have any, to help clarify the ideas and help you state them in a more concise form. If I have no domain experience, I can also point out areas that are unclear for layman.

The only catch is that it has to work around my schedule. Generally if I get something by e-mail, I will have it back within a few days. If there is a more pressing need you notify me of, I can return things faster. I do enjoy working in person as well. Scheduling those meetings are a little more difficult considering my limited on campus schedule. I do like to keep things informal; it's more fun that way.

I am open for adding people. If it ever gets to a point where it is too much, I'll let people know. I don't expect I'll run out of capacity any time soon.

If you think you might like some help or want some references, please contact me (see the bottom of my main page).

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Last Modified: Aug. 29, 2005